Dobrodošli na predstavi Slavoja Žižka

“Najbolj nevaren ekonomist Zahoda” je nadnaslov reportaže Spiegel Online o Slavoju Žižku. Pop obravnava pop filozofov. Za pokušino spodnji izvleček, sicer pa je reporatža prav zanimivo branje, poučno tudi za vse, ki jih zanima novinarska obrt.

His repertoire is a mix of Lacanian psychoanalysis and Hegel’s idealist philosophy — of film analysis, criticism of democracy, capitalism and ideology, and an occasionally authoritarian Marxism paired with everyday observations. He explains the ontological essence of the Germans, French and Americans on the basis of their toilet habits and the resulting relationship with their fecal matter, and he initially reacts to criticism with a cheerful “Fuck you!” — pronounced in hard Slavic consonants. He tells colleagues he values but who advocate theories contrary to his own that they should prepare to enter the gulag when he, Zizek, comes into power. He relishes the shudder that the word gulag elicits.

“Take my friend Peter, for example, fucking Sloterdijk. I like him a lot, but he’ll obviously have to be sent to the gulag. He’ll be in a slightly better position there. Perhaps he could work as a cook.”

One could say it’s funny, especially the way Zizek delivers it, in his exaggerated and emphatic way. But one could also think of the more than 30 million people who fell victim to Soviet terror. Those who find Zizek’s remarks amusing could just as easily be telling jokes about concentration camps.

“But you know?” Zizek says in response to such criticism. “The best, most impressive films about the Holocaust are comedies.”

Povezava: Spiegel Online, Philipp Oehmke:  Welcome to the Slavoj Zizek Show